Friday, May 19, 2006

May long weekend

This weekend I and my chosen one and my offspring will be sleeping in this house:

We will be pee-ing and possibly showering (optional, we may not have the time) in THIS bathroom:

while we are gazing upon this prairie beauty,

we will be sitting in this hot tub, on this deck:

And that's how we are kicking off fun season in 2006.
Our friends love us so much, that they had four children to perfectly coincide with our four children. They moved to this 112 year old stone house, because they knew how much we needed a quiet little country get-away. They have gin, and boursin cheese. They have a fabulous sense of humour, a dog named Daisy, a bunch (flock? gaggle? ) of chickens, plenty of cats, a goat, and some bunnies.

I won't see the kids for three whole days. They will be making up games on the hay bales, mucking about in the pastures, looking for unique rocks and maybe some Indian arrow heads.

If you need to find me, I'll be oggling REAL baseboards and doors with REAL doorknobs. I'll be splashing about in a REAL bathtub in a real bathroom that was designed before they turned closets into places you pee in. I'll be snarfing back strong coffee in a REAL country kitchen, quite possibly sitting on a REAL window seat. I'll be licking cheese and strawberries off my fingers. I'll be frolicking in the meadows in my bonnet and petticoats, gin in hand.

That's where I'll be if you need me.


Cherrypie said...

Have a hot-tub-tastic weekend x

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you always wanted to be Laura from Little House on the Prairies!?
Have a great weekend Joyce, I'll think of you frolicking and drinking as I stay at home and paint my diningroom. Maybe I can inhale enough fumes to hullicinate that I'm skipping in the meadows along side you.

Brian the Mennonite said...

"Chosen one"...I like that. Thanks babe.

andrea said...

I'm gnashing my teeth in jealousy. Beautiful old house. The best part is that it has a new roof! :)

polarpegs said...

Sounds fabulous! Seeing the pics makes me anxious to move to our country farm house.

Only two and half more months

CeCe said...

I've got my eye on a house in Herbert Sask that's over 100 years old. There's no land, but it's big and nice like that one! But I'm only dreaming, 'cause my house will never sell!