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Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday night, friday friday friday night

I've had a really challenging week- kid wise, so I'm pleased to note that it's Friday. Not only is it Friday, but I also have something to look forward to. Tonight directly after work, sister Kathy (in the biological sense of the word, and not the religious!) will pick me up in her shiney silver vw bug and whisk me off to Winnipeg, sans kids! Did ya hear that? I SAID NO KIDS ALLOWED!!! We will do a few errands until biological sister #2 is done work, then head off down the trans Canada highway to biological sister #4 's home in the country. We are celebrating our annual Kehler cousin reunion/ Holy-cow-I-always-thought-you-were-a-proper-relative/ sleepover event. We expect two or three other cousins to arrive.

As usual, I will be the youngest. You know by now that I'm the youngest in my ridiculously large family but what you don't know is that my mother was the youngest in her family, and had her eighth baby at the same time that her neices (my cousins) were also pro creating. That makes it interesting for me to get to know my cousins now, since they are actually in the grandparenting phase of their lives, and no matter how old I am, everyone always thinks I'm just so incredibly young! That bugged me when I was in my twenties and was sick of feeling like a stupid snotty-nosed kid, but now that I've rethought my definition of intelligence,(to account for the fact that this is really just as good as its ever gonna get.....) I just enjoy always looking and sounding young although I am in fact fairly haggard and nearly forty.

All that aside, what I look forward to is some really nummy appetizers, some nice white wine, and staying up so late that the funny jokes seem way funnier than they did by the light of day . Plus there's always the possibility of learning more dysfunctional tidbits about my dad's side of the family. Truly a brilliant but WHACKO group of individuals. I can say that because I'm one of them. Sadly, because they ran out of parts, I didn't get my share of the brilliant, but then again, some people got more than their fair share of whacko, so I should be grateful.

So, ta-ta for now! I assume all you really important people out there have huge pressures hanging over your heads, but I"M GOING OUT TONIGHT, nobody will miss me, (well, maybe the hubby and kids......), and there isn't a single important thing that I have to do. (Oh, besides influence the lives and behaviors of people in their first crucial five years of development, but who asked?)


andrea said...

I'm jealous! Can I come?
My cousins (all on my dad's side) range in age from 65 down to 30. I'm merely "one of the youngest" :). My kids have NO first cousins, despite the fact that my husbnad and I have four brothers between us.

Christy said...

Have fun, Joyce!

Thanks for your comments re: my half. Your prayers have been felt...and I'm feeling much stronger. In a weird way, I think this unexpected illness was good because I was forced to rest.

I appreciate your remarks on that and your support..most people don't get it and or/don't care.

Enjoy your weekend.

Bobita said...

Have soooooo much fun!!!!

I can't wait to hear the tales of your "sans kids" time!

Christine said...

YaY!!! I hope you had a fabulous time!

Cherrypie said...

That sounds like a great weekend. My dad was the youngest of 7 so Kathryn & I were always the youngest cousins which gives me an idea what it was like for you. I love 'em all to bits - and yes, without exception we all got varying amouts of the whacko gene.

CeCe said...

I'm jealous too! Everytime I read about your sister get aways, I feel so lonely! And it makes me want to just keep on pro-creating so my kids aren't lonely like me!

lettuce said...

Sounds like such a great weekend, hope you had a lovely time.