Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Home Twice

I'm feeling homesick today. This is ironic, because I am at home and its a very happy place . I live in a terrific little town, my kids are thriving in the local school, and I've made some great friends. But this is not my only home.

Three years ago we lived in another wonderful world, complete with all the (non-materialistic) trappings of happiness. I never wanted to move. I lived in a terrific little OLD house in a crappy neighborhood. I had the prettiest little yard, and the very best next door neighbors IN THE WORLD. Yes, we found hash pipes in our front hedge, piles of mattresses and discarded furniture in the lane every single week, tiny toddler criminal minds running up and down the sidewalk stealing our kids' toys, and throwing dirt into our kiddy pool..... (okay, maybe it wasn't entirely perfect...) But, I had my neighbors, my family, my friends, and my house.

My next door neighbor lived in a gigantic old castle of a house and she and I learned to live "in community" in our community. We watched each other's children, warned one another of creeps that we saw in the area, shared amaretto over the fence when the kids had finally fallen asleep in the hundred degree house. We shared a love of scavenging, once finding two dumpsters full of bridal gowns, bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses, tierras, and pink satin shoes. The bridal shop we shared the alley with cleaned out their basement the quickest possible way, and flashlights in hand, she and I reaped the benefits. Our girls played dress-up for years from what we found in those dumpsters....

My other friends were just as much fun- laughing and crying at life, rocking one another's babies, shopping for one another, pooling resources. As I said- I had no desire to go anywhere. There was something about these friends that brought out the best in creativity, and I never left their homes without about a million ideas of what to make with my sewing machine, or a brilliant idea of how to use some broken down chair, or how to make a curtain out of a branch and a table cloth.

But life has a way of changing things up, and we did move. So did one of my favourite friends. She has moved twice, and most recently into a 110 year old stone house in the country which I am counting the days to go and see. I feel physically ill with joy for her, and for anticipation of our time together in her "new" house.

And so, I am homesick. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

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Carlotti said...

I miss your old home too - there was something really great about setting aside 2 or 3 solid days for a visit with nothing to do but hang out with your family. Getting served dinner by the kids under the trampoline, going to Superstore every 5 minutes, going for walks and ogling all the old brick houses, drinks by the fire. It's great to have you here though. I agree - I wouldn't have it any other way.

Rosster said...

Sheentya here with Deros ( D-Ross..kind of like eros!!!) This post makes us a bit sad. We miss your good company, fancy dinners and B's blueberry pie...) We are going to sart reading your blogs if we are allowed.. Peas Out