Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yeah, thats right- I SAID GOD on my blogspot

I want my blogspot to be a happy place. I also know what I believe. (well, at least on good days when I've taken all my medication....)

I don't want to be angry and defensive when people have different belief systems than I do. I recognize that typing "God" on my blogspot makes me sort of vulnerable, but God made me, and I can't help but mention him.

And because I seem to have precious few neurons firing today, that's all I've got to say.


Romeo Morningwood said...

You Go Girl!

Cherrypie said...

Good for you. God did a great job when he made you x

Christy said...

I struggle with the same thing. Some of my husband's co-workers have started reading my blog and I feel like they might judge me or him if I talk about prayer too much or whatever. Mostly though I wonder if people will assume I have better faith than I do because I can talk the talk. I wonder if I walk the walk half as well.

tom909 said...

It's your blog, you can mention what you like. I'm fine with God but I start to struggle when people move on to religion. I'm not too comfortable with praying either - do people really think God is someone who runs around fixing up people's prayers.

Unknown said...

I don't think He fixes up people's prayers....but I do believe He hears us.

Perhaps I've said too much. :smile:

Anonymous said...

Your first blog on this issue left me feeling inspired and in total ageement with the soveriegnty of God. Maybe your blog space doesn't always need to a happy place, why think that your reaction to Someones fluff question of "your definition of God"(darius) is too strong? I liked your first stand on the subject. Patti

joyce said...

Christy- perhaps bold confidence, carried out with love being our greatest aim, should be our greater preoccupation.

Tom- God is relational, and getting to know him involves communication- which is prayer. Prayers intention is not speaking a wish list to the great Santa in the heavens. God is much bigger than that.

Pamela- I'm glad you share your voice- welcome!

Patti- you've got me thinking again. And you have an excellent point, which I'm grateful you typed here, instead of keeping to yourself. I will revisit God on the blogspot.
He will have to renew the rusty mind though, because I have totally forgotten what I wrote the first time. I may have clarity once in a while, but the recall is questionable.