Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stuff that Makes Joyce Grin

My boys.

My firstborn spending hours with Morley.
My momma with one of her babies.

My creative daughter drinking off of a plant stand.
A barn swallow nest found in the hay loft.

These things make Joyce grin.


Jack's Raging Mommy said...

I love that little chubby face! Jack is so skinny we miss out on a lot of the chubby baby cuteness.

Romeo Morningwood said...

Wo ist das Gatte?
Was bedeutet das?

I know what you mean, they're abso adorable.

Konnen Sie mir ihr lieben Sklave zeigen, bitte?

I hope I got that right...please don't call the deutsch polizei, I'm tryin'...

andrea said...

I'm grinning vicariously. Is Morley the Morley from The Vinyl Cafe? :)

Christy said...

Very sweet photos.

I'm thinking I need to go get my bilingual certificate to read your comments.


Does my verification word mean anything in deutsch?


Christy said...

Did I mention how much I love your new "About Me" Paragraph?


and 'shvfas'.

Cherrypie said...

aaahhh! You got me smiling for the first time today too, Joyce. x

Lucy Kruze said...

Joyce...I think you are beautiful and what a wonderfully amazing and warm smile. I realize that hearing that from a complete stranger probably means very little but I just thought you should know your gorgeous, keep smiling!