Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One More Shot at Making an Ugly Mark

Back in the eighties I shared the second floor of an amazing old house just off of Corydon and my roomies and I had a party that would be henceforth be remembered as the "cop stopper". As it turned out, the guys who lived below us, (and repaired harleys on the living room hardwood in their spare (sober) time) were also throwing a party, so we just threw all the doors and stairways open and had one great big, cop stopper. It felt to me like one of those life events that I could wear as a feather in my kercheif. Like maybe I had finally moved off the farm...

Well, I'm not twenty-something any more and I'm not afraid to tell you that I've been thirty-nine for some ten months now. You gals all know about the up and coming cougar party, and I trust that your shopping and hair-teasing is well under way. I'm putting quite a bit of energy into plumping myself with that extra twenty to thirty pounds that was mentioned in the comments. I'd forgotten about that cougar special, but I think I can pull that one off. (she says, taking a sip of her wine, and a big bite of baguette with boursin cheese...the sambucca resting in the folds of her thigh).

Last year I hosted my first ever I'm-thirty-nine-and-not-afraid-to-tell-you-what-to-do-about-it-Ugly-Sweater-Party. I'm not joking whatsoever when I tell you that I believed this to be my very own, original idea. I came up with it at the elevater thrift shop when I was enjoying all the ghastly holiday sweaters and wishing I had some reason to purchase them. Turns out that there are other brilliant minds out there. That this has been thought of before. And I'll tell you how I know.

After the Ugly Sweater Party, I received an e-mail from a Michigan reader who was contacted by a columnist at the Winnipeg Free Press. He had googled "ugly sweater party" and landed up at her site. She had been sent a lovely honourary bad-ass sweater corsage since she had been otherwise committed on the day of the party and could not attend in person. Mr columnist guy wanted to write an article about this trendy Christmas party theme and asked her some questions about the event. She in turn directed me to him; and he to me. We exchanged e-mails, and since we were already well into December, he decided to defer until the following winter to write the piece about the ugly sweaters.

TRENDY?! Like I said, I thought that this was my original idea. I thought it was just possible that this idea of mine would be my ticket to finally making something memorable of myself- some legacy for my children, for my future generations.......

Hard to believe its been a year already. Another year off my life, and I'm still not a published author, a tae kwon doe instructer, a famous lecturer, or a coveted artist. But just this week, I received an e-mail from Dave Sanderson of the Winnipeg Free Press. He requested an invitation for himself and his photographer in anticipation of what he probably believes is an annual event for me. Rapidly approaching forty, and fearing that I may never make my mark on this world, I lept at the oppurtunity. So, maybe my works would never get published, but at least I'd get my name and maybe even a photo in the paper?!

So, here's your formal invitation:

on November 24, 2007, 7:00 pm

We request the honour of your attendance

at Joyce's second annual

Ugly Sweater Party

this year featuring

your choice of male escort or attendent.

(not necessarily paid)

No shoes, shirt, or black tie required.

Sweater mandatory.

Bring food and drink to share.


(bring your own drink and food and sweater... heck, just bring your own party!)

Care to join me in becoming famous?

Check out last year's event here and here.

This time, if you want to, you can bring your husband or significant other. (just please not both). Leave your kids and pets at home though. They remind me too much of work.


Anonymous said...

"the sambucca resting in the folds of her thigh"

Oh Joyce, you make me giggle.

I want so badly to come to your ugly sweater party. I looked at the photos and saw one that my mom used to have...he he he. I will make Roselle go and then tell me all about it.

Perhaps I'll have an ugly sweater party....so it can be trendy.

Roo said...

are you kidding?????
joyce -- you are totally amazing.

gloria said...

dangit! I wanted to be a cougar!!!!

that is the only night I woulda been able to pull it off.

guess I am gonna have to buy an ugly sweater now.

Nancy said...

Oh....I think I have been the queen of ugly sweaters over the years! If only I would have kept them...and if only I could be at your party. Maybe I too, will have to host an ugly sweater party and be part of the cult following!

Anonymous said...

Are you for real??? This can't be for real. You can't be serious! You mean, I can really be in the free press, looking ridiculous??

Judy said...

Oh, how cool is that?!

joyce said...

Gloria, you've got Brian worried that you think the Cougar party is off. Its understood that I am hosting TWO parties in November?

gloria said...

Oh! Two birthday parties! Of course. *blushes* I knew that!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Gloria could manage to combine an ugly sweater and cougar getup. There has to be a low cut ugly sweater out there. Melissa

Anonymous said...

Giddy Up. I still hear the resounding sighs of "Ugly Sweater" party goers of yesteryear. The sigh of "dang that was a fun party! You have got to go the next time Joyce is having a party. It was so fun"
Well,....I hope to not miss out on this one. I might even stay out late. HMMMMM. Who knows?! I'm feeling fiesty.