Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gift of the Day

People disregarded the "no gift policy". And since they came up with incredible, thoughtful, creative, awe-inspiring tidbits; I'm so glad they chose not to listen to me.
This piece is from my dear friend Rosa. I was not expecting her, or her vanful of Brandon-area accompanyists. Their arrival surprised me to the point of jumping up and down repeatedly, wearing blue plastic high heels, and screaming: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!
Rose has an amazing gift of putting things together with buttons. This little piece showcases bathing suits made of coloured buttons. I say its an excellent momento of the kind of night we enjoyed together, baring all. Literally and figuratively.
And all the figures owned their beauty and mystique.


mmichele said...

that is amazing.

Cherrypie said...

Aah! Buttons. I thought I'd stumbled across some M&Ms.

Love ya, Joyce x

Anonymous said...

Liams words were. "wow mom you made it on there three times your famous" Love you

gloria said...

wow, how perfect!

Roo said...

what a girl!
what a gift!

lettuce said...

what a great gift - thats wonderful