Thursday, November 15, 2007

Want Ads

This morning while hoping to discover an old-fashioned chiropractor on a local online classifieds, I came across the following advertisement.

I ---- ---- along with my Husbend are kooking for Cleaning Job
Offices Banks Churches
we are Christians and will do a good Job

My first reaction was decidedly prickley. I hmmmph-ed, imagining that a Hindu or Sikh or Wicca must be a horribly dirty, lazy thief, never to be trusted with a broom inside the house of God, or in the hallowed halls of money handling.

But then I got thinking about christian culture. How the only real difference between this unpolished appeal and what we accept as normal is a little pinache. Do you ever flip through flyers from faith-y book stores and feel incredulous at all the big problems and challenges you could overcome just by buying a couple of shiney new books and reading seven or fewer tips and steps and exercises and commitments ?
And I imagined the submitter of the ad. How she has probably never been exposed to other cultures, never shared a cleaning cart shoulder to shoulder with a coworker of an entirely different persuasion. How frightening she would likely imagine such an experience to be. How easy it would be to assume that a cleaning person not sharing her faith ( and possibly skin colour, manner of dress, and first language) must be untrustworthy, deceived, threatening.
She probably just really needs a job and is drawing on her mental bank of what a stellar employee looks like. I hope she gets a great paying job at one of those churches that prays with the prostitutes before they head out onto the street,and serve soup and munchies to the crack addicts. Or maybe a really scarey office building filled with NON-Christians. Its sure to be filthy dirty and in serious need of a good, honest cleaning.


gloria said...

Perhaps the use of "Christian" in this instance is not used to elevate herself as some super-being that would be better than all the others. Perhaps she was humbling herself? Or maybe it was just tossed in because they ARE Christian?

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Joyce. I often wonder at how similar to the Jews of the bible we "christian Canadians" ok mennonites are about our sacredness to the building. Jesus chastized those who did that. His body is not a building but rather flesh and blood,as broken ,colored , uncolored smelly,as it comes. That, is what only he can clean.

Heather Plett said...

Did you find a Christian chiropractor? Or should I say, a good ol' fashioned "trachmoika"? :-)

I've just finished going through 57 resumes, and I have to say, I am NOT inclined to hire the ones who say they were "led by the Spirit" to apply for the job.

joyce said...

Gloria- right, but of what relevance is her faith when she wants to clean your toilet(q) (canèt find second function on this keyboard, can,t find question mark)

its about as relevant as saying (i wear a size twelve and Ill do a good job) I think she is equating christian with work ethic.

mmichele said...

she seems so simple to me, with the bad spelling and etc... kind of child like.

i dunno. maybe i'm just soft hearted today.

(not that that happens often. :)