Sunday, November 25, 2007

A God Thing

Something as irreverent as an Ugly Sweater Party brings me back to the same simple statement- It just had to be a God Thing.

There was a lot of neat stuff that transpired beween the knits and the purls. The schtick with the press was fabulous. These people blended right in, it was completely effortless. I learned a lot of interesting information from Sanderson, including the unbelievable fact that the Vancouvar chapter of Ugliness is H.U.G.E. We're talking Commodore Ballroom and a thousand attendees! I found a list of guidelines for people seeking information on ugly sweater party etiquette. This is freaking me out all over again, because once again I'm wondering about this whole fear of success thingie. I mean- I could fail at what I believed I had thought of ?? Now, there's etiquette, lists of what types of sweaters to look for, how to designate categories for the contests and prizes for the best/worst appearance.

The pressure.

Which brings me back to wanting to dwell on the God Thing.
I believe that people come to these darn events for a reason. I may or may not know what those reasons may be. But I no longer categorize my life by "churchy/faithlife events" and "regular day-to-day life". I live. I am loved. I believe there's a reason. There are seasons, and boy, oh boy, I'm in a fun one right now. And we are made for a reason. Quirkiness is no curse- its part of the obvious creativity of a loving God.


Anonymous said...

The reason for coming to your party is the reason I'll come have life breathed into me again and even if it doesn't last long those few hours help soooo much. It was sooo much fun. Roselle

Bonnie said...

I'm sorry I had to miss out again, but I am glad you had it for I know it blessed many people. For that I thank you.

Anonymous said...'ve got it girl...we need to spend less time in church and more time "out there"...L

Anonymous said...

I'm reading a very good book right now, you might enjoy it, "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Glad you had a good party.

gloria said...

Hello Darlin'. Was nice to see you.

I had an awesome time at your sweater party. It was really neat meeting some of your commentors.

Nice people, everyone.

Anonymous said...

It was definatly a God thing! I'm so glad God loves laughter and fun and quirkiness. And I'm glad I know you.......thanks for blessing us. Lisa

Roo said...

ditto to what lisa said..."i'm glad i know you...' too.

Anonymous said...

I would totally recommend the "eat, love, pray" book-I think Joyce you might see a little bit of yourself in the author (i know i did). Sanderson lives in my "hood"-I'll have to get the details before he breaks the big story. Glad the party happened. When is the "cougars wearing ugly sweaters" party going to be?