Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why Its Probably Best That I Never Finished My Degree

.... because then I'd likely expect myself to keep track of all the stuff that comes with running a home daycare.

Take for example; "Debbie". Typically known as a given name for a child of the female persuasion, this is a word, which when expressed by one particular two year old means some-word-which-I-don't-know-how-to-say. Hence, he calls it "debbie" and its up to me to figure out what the item in question may be. But. When its uttered by a particular three year old, and its enunciation is varied to that of "Debra"; it means: "Quick! I'm feeling emotional or tired or homesick and I need that tiny fabric doll that goes everywhere with me. If you don't find it NOW, you WILL have a full blown situation on your hands."

Then there's the child who says; "Me home" in response to most things. This can mean: I have that very same thing at my home ; or I'm planning to take this toy home; or I really wish I were at home right now. All other children interpret "me home" as: I'm going to take away your toy right now, and I will bring it home with me, and you will never see it again. Without appropriate interpretation, total chaos ensues.

No, if I had finished my degree, I'd probably be off doing some really important, world event type stuff. I would expect more from myself than getting through the workday retaining a cool head, and refraining from bashing said head against the kitchen center repeatedly.


gloria said...

looks like a full house Joyce.

Anonymous said...

Sounds alot like your brother Al's job description.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose....I like that! Kathy

Anonymous said...

Up until I was 17 my mom substitute taught. When I turned 18 my baby brother was born, within a month of my cousin's little girl. A few months later my mom decided she could not possibly go back to work and leave this little boy who already could roll over and would disappear within minutes. instead of trying to leave him and find out he was at the emergency room again on her first day back she decided starting a daycare was the way to go. Within a few weeks she had 5 children within a year of my brother as well as another a few years older. I spent my first year of college commuting back and froth fgrom that chaos, reading allowed to the little boy who wanted read to CONSTANTLY--his only word was "book", and helping her in various instances. I learned to interpret baby talk very early, and was VERY prepared for all the experience needed to make a teachers degree really worth while. After getting my degree and teaching for a short time I elected to stay home with my own little one and later watch other peoples children so they could work. Now I prefer to stay with my crazy three--sans the extras.:) And I bet it is the best place on earth for your own kids to come home to regardless of how crazy it gets.

In other words--I know EXACTLY what you mean, and all the training in the world couldn't have prepared me better for motherhood than my little brother being born when I was 18. And I bet you would HATE all the organized stuff that comes with having a big "out there in the world" type job--I know I did.

Roo said...

:) ....and don't forget the frequent "mishaps" with rebellious indoor plumbing!

life is none too easy. though it has serious entertainment potential. !!

Judy said...

I always thought that I would have been a fantastic mother, if I were deaf.

Noise is my achiles heel. Probably due to the fact that my sisters are 6 and 8 years older than I am, and my parents are quiet people.

Or, maybe I just cannot stand noise.

One thing that makes me feel good about myself, at least I don't have to feel as if I am wasting my education!

No. Certainly not me.

Although, if I turned in my 'credits' I could most likely get an advanced degree in 'thrift stores'.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, what is in the cage in front of Sams lunch. I'm imagining some horrible rodent motioning for him to share so he can poop out vile feces right on your kitchen counter infesting the entire jr population of neverland.