Friday, October 06, 2006

The aunties

The following post must be at least partially credited to Linda.

I have written many a post listing the accolades of more than one of my family members. It seems fair that I should "thin my skin" a little and introduce you to the seamier underbelly of my counterparts. Allow me to introduce: The Aunties.

The aunties are an integral part of the family. Without them, much doing would go undone, many scenes would go unseen, things would seem undeniably lop-sided. But they are that high maintenance, embarrassing, omni-present type of relative. Over time, they have been hated, cried over, abused, scrutinized, and under-valued. I have tried to change them. There were periods of time when I really believed that I had them under control. But as anyone with control issues can testify, there comes a day when you are brought to your knees and you recognize the need for genuine acceptance if you really want to live in peace and harmony.

I won't make any promises that I can't keep, but I intend to make peace with the aunties. I intend to practise what I preach about the futility of judgementalism, the healing powers of love, the decision to live fully, regardless of the fragmental, imperfect condition of living human.

This may just stretch me in entirely new ways.
Consider yourselves my partners in accountability.
Think of the aunties, and wish me God speed.


Cherrypie said...

I feel The Aunties could be a wealth of blog fodder.

Anonymous said...

This should be good. I was thinking "The Emperor Has No Clothes"; thought I got it, wasn't sure, had a shower, read cherrypie's comment, read it again, am fairly sure I've got it now. Looking forward to this.

joyce said...

Hey, for a tell-tale hint, just head over to Linda's site.

andrea said...

Joyce (and Brian): Speaking of beloved older female relatives, you must read Within Without's post about his grandmother today.

mmichele said...

have you read anne lamott? if not, travelling mercies is the first gift i will ever give you.

joyce said...

Michele- I have "plan B" which was a gift from my husband. After receiving your comment, I read up a little on Lamott, esp "travelling mercies" and I think it would be crazy not topursue reading that. OH!! LIGHTBULB MOMENT!! Of course, that is where I heard the phrase "the aunties".. Shame on me, I have plageurized!!!!!

Linda said...

It was Anne Lamott's chapter on the aunties that got me thinking about Darlene. "Travelling Mercies" is one of my all time favourite books. You must read it.

Anonymous said...

I STILL did not get it. Not till I read Linda's "Darlene". I thought you were going to publicly poke fun at some of the foibles of the relatives, and that seemed so unlike you. But I thought you would come up with a kind way to do it. Didn't know how, but you'd find a way. Not that any of the relatives have foibles :).

I'm also glad you identified yourself as the Brian who commented on Linda's post. I was thinking " Oh, my. That guy is much too in touch with his feminine side."

Roo said...

i get it.
i have "aunties" too.
and a few "uncles". :)