Friday, October 20, 2006

Funny Mama

Okay, so I messed up the hyperlink.
Please try it again!

You must read this post about my mom.
My sis wrote it, and the photos are just the best!


Carlotti said...

Awwwwww..... Thanks Joyce!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce.

Gee, I felt like a voyeur caught in the headlights the other day when you mentioned people who anonymously read your thoughts on line.


I'm assuming you don't mind because I haven't seen you wearing a tinfoil hat...

You've given me some really good chuckles and I've shed a few tears too.

(yes, that Daphne,from the family reunion (comedy night) last Friday.

p.s. I can't figure out how to give you my email address without publishing it...

joyce said...

Daphne-- its just my curiosity that gets the best of me. I love that people read, but then in weak moments wonder if they just think I'm a total freak in need of ministry. Then I remember-- AREN'T WE ALL?!
Thanks for sticking your neck out. (I had to ask Brian about the tin hat, and I think I should really watch that movie.) I'm obviously doing nothing to protect myself against people reading my thoughts!! After all, its ME who insists on publishing them into cyberspace!!
I think I have your address from the summer of mass e-mailing when we were helping out Ken and Kate.

Anyway, thanks for coming around.
I keep fantacizing about drinks with Ken's neighbors under Carmen's pergola, but real LIFE keeps gobbling up all my time....