Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006

Why it was the best day ever.

On this day, I cried on my keyboard and poured my heart out to the mercies of the world.
They were merciful. And more. Without a single cliche, I felt loved, validated, and understood.

On this day, my husband sent me a love letter. Who wouldn't love to get that in their inbox? What he said was true. It was sincere. And I am reminded again of why I believe in him, of why I love him, and of how unbelievably complex and wonderful love can be.

On this day, I had a meeting of the hearts and minds as a mom came to pick up her child. Maybe I sometimes feel like the worst childcare provider ever, but I have a feeling that she doesn't think so. I have a feeling that love and understanding, and helping one another out saves the day again.

On this day one of my favourite friends called me with some very good news. Some news that she and I have hoped and prayed for for a very long time. We cried again, but this time with joy.

On this day I had a moosehead, three tootsie rolls, and a biscuit and plum jam for supper.

On this day, my love letter writing husband cheerfully headed out into the snow with his son for some trick or treating and left me in the house, nearly completely alone. (Sammy had to stay home, since he refused to eat anything of remotely nutritional value. I have NO idea where he would get an idea like that from). I have not been able to stay at home on Halloween since I became a mommy. That's 12 years now. When I'm happy, I love going out and seeing all the kids. Today, I just wanted to stay at home. Warm. Dry. Alone.

On this day, as on so many others, I remain sure of one thing. Love.
The love of God. The love of people.

The darkness is inevitable, but the light will always win.


Carlotti said...

Beautiful Joyce. I love you.

svea said...

yippee for love letter writing mennonites =) you are the perfect recipient of lots of good stuff today, enjoy it and i pray lots more comes tommorow too..

svea said...

by the way Laura,Helllloooooo!!!! . are you there? Sorry joyce I have been meaning to say hi to laura for a while. so hugs and hi to you and your cool sista laura too.

lettuce said...

Smiling a lot (and crying just a little bit) I'm so glad it was a good day.

And what the hell is a moosehead?

joyce said...

thanks again, all.
Lettuce-- a moosehead, as you can well imagine, is an ice cold Canadian beer.
I thought I deserved it. I thought I needed to replace a lot of lost fluids....

Anonymous said...

It was always my job to stay at home and hand out the candy. I loved doing that, especially on the cold days.

Anonymous said...

great post my friend!