Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I got the bestest package in the mail and for ONCE it had my name on it, and not my e-bay-in' husband's. It was a care package from my fellow vintage loving, sweet friend. The brown paper package contained: a non-cheesey condolence card, an old fashioned wall plaque, and some useful pamphlets about puberty. I like the title "Growing up And Liking It". Sounds sort of threatening.- like "Just please, for your mothers sake and mine, SAY YOU LIKE IT! It'll take away so much of OUR discomfort and anxiety about you being a teenager with hair and body odour!

A few of my favourite tips on "What's OK on "those days":

Dance with moderation.
Avoid violent exercise.
Careful when it rains!
In consideration of others, stay out of pools.
Competitive sports involve an emotional strain. If you find the excitement gets you in a dither, better sit on the sidelines.

And finally, a tip on purchasing the necessary products:
"In case you have to ask a clerk, just say "Teen-Age by Modess, please". (pronounced MO-dess; rhymes with Oh, yes.)

(Thank you, Rosa. You have NO IDEA how timely this information was.
Then again, maybe you do, do you?!)


mmichele said...

oh my.
good thing i checked your blog before i went out for some violent exercise! i will sit on the couch and read, instead.

esther said...

how did they come up with that stuff?!?!

andrea said...

Packages *and* retro puberty pamphlets -- what could be better? I remember there was a blue one for boys called Boy to Man and a pink one for girls called Girl to Woman back when I was in Grade 6.

Anonymous said...

It's raining here. I'm staying in.

I remember "Growing Up and Liking It". It was a bit more 'updated' than your pamplet though.

The girl in MY brouchure had a gold barrette which I will NEVER EVER EVER forget. In my entire life I have NEVER EVER EVER been able to stand that particular kind of barrette.

And, if I see someone wearing one like that, I always want to ask them if they are 'liking it'.

Weird, how things like that stay with a person.

Oh, and what a kind friend to send you such lovely things!

Anonymous said...

Awesome gift!
I'm guessing that the chicken dance is in, the hustle is out.
The mashed potato is in, the bump is out.
The hokey pokey is in, the Presley pelvic thrust is most certainly out.
Best not to hokey pokey in the rain though.

Heather Plett said...

Oh yeah, competitive sports gets me in a dither even when it's NOT my time of month.

Anonymous said...

hey joyce, these books sent me peeing my pants, I laughed so hard. I sat reading them in her kitchen crying with laughter while someone was picking up there child a little unsure how it could be such a funny read. That just made me laugh even more. Patti

joyce said...

Patti- Now I just really wish I were in that kitchen right now, laughing along. I know for sure that it would be even WAY funnier!!